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Predikt-r takes the guess work out of recruitment by using data science to automate the shortlisting process to instantly target the right people to interview so you can hire the best candidates, faster and surer.

  • Is 85% cheaper – Reduce hiring costs and save money
  • Is 90% faster – hire sooner and reap more time for candidate care.
  • Supports your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) – Predikt-r is simple and enjoyable to use and has 84% positive candidate experience rating.
  • Is proven to reduce hiring risk – Predikt-r is rigorously tested and validated against real organisational performance data with proven ROI.
  • Is objective – Our unique algorithms automatically translate assessment data into scores and candidate rankings, removing the bias from manual shortlisting and instantly targeting the right people to interview

  • Time

    20 minute av. test completion time

  • Single score

    Single score ranking for instant and objective shortlisting

  • Shortlist

    Shortlist in days, not weeks – more time for candidate care

  • Assessment

    Every 7 minutes another candidate starts a Predikt-r assessment

Case Study

Brisbane warehouse   |   1,300 applicants   |   April 2020

Unprecedented number of applications. In-house recruiter used Predikt-r to shortlist 1,300 applicants.

Day 1

(16 April 2020) Job ad on

Day 2

(within 24 hours) 30,000 views of the job ad and 1,300 applications received

Day 3

Issued Predikt-r skills assessment to all 1,300 candidates. 429 assessments completed same day

Day 5

597 assessments completed

Day 6

653 assessments completed

Day 7

713 assessments completed

Within 7 days of posting the job ad:

  • Shortlisted applicants based on Predikt-r assessment
  • Proceeded to phone interviews
  • Invited shortlisted applicants to a paid trial in the warehouse
  • Issued WHS eLearning training, for mandatory completion prior to attending site.
  • Fully managed in-house
  • Shortlist in 7 days - enabled more time for candidate care.

10 positions offered within 12 days compared to 42!

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Over the last 12 months, we have developed a strong partnership with Predikt-r. We welcome their collaborative approach to understanding our business and developing a solution that is customised to our sector. The initial proof of concept has demonstrated the significant impact the Predikt-r screening solution will have on our business. The quality of our educators and centre managers is a critical factor for our families and this solution will ensure we can identify the best candidates who will deliver outstanding services and performance.

Gary Carroll | CEO and Managing Director | G8 Education