Queensland’s new industrial manslaughter laws highlight how today’s corporate leaders are personally accountable for workplace safety. So, how can you get on the ‘front foot’ to ensure the safest environment?

Coming off the back of several accidents, including the tragedy at popular theme park Dreamworld, Queensland’s new penalties apply to employers whose negligence has caused the deaths of their workers, workplace visitors, or passersby.

Under the laws, individuals guilty of industrial manslaughter will face 20 years imprisonment, with corporate offenders liable for fines of up to $10 million. They were designed to “send out a strong message to all employers that negligence causing death won’t be tolerated under any circumstances”, according to Minister Grace Grace.

The new laws have many implications for business leaders and organisations and we encourage you to read more about them here.

They also beg the question: in an increasingly high-pressure environment, how do you take workplace safety to new levels and produce a real and sustained drop in workplace injuries?

Data science – and specifically, predictive analytics – is perhaps the most proactive step of all. It’s about confidently choosing the safest employees upfront and building your safety culture before your workers even walk through the door.

Predikt-r is the groundbreaking new tool that does exactly that, by driving smarter high-volume shortlisting.

Developed by qualified psychologists and experienced business performance specialists, it uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to reliably predict each job candidate’s safety behaviours, contribution to safety culture, and likelihood of workplace injuries.

Using a simple online questionnaire to screen candidates as the first step, Predikt-r provides instant and automatic shortlisting based on tailored safety competencies. Then recruiters move straight on to interviewing the people they already know will be safer in the workplace, saving time and providing concrete business benefits.

Predikt-r has been exhaustively tested to prove that shortlisting the right staff first (and avoiding high-risk candidates) equates to concrete savings and ROI. Working with a national client in the construction and resources industry, Predikt-r modelling showed injury reductions equating to:

  • 215% ROI in three years
  • $378,000 in savings over three years
  • additional savings generated through reduced motor vehicle accidents and insurance premiums.

As well as protecting people and saving lives, the data-driven approach can boost the bottom line and inject peace of mind when organisations need it more than ever.

Want to help protect people, productivity and peace-of-mind? Talk to us about smart shortlisting for safety.