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We were blown away when we saw the corresponding drop in injury rates as well as cost savings and ROI. Predikt-r has the power to change our business performance and make this a much safer place to work.


We partnered with this well-regarded national organisation to model the powerful impact that Predikt-r’s safety solution can have on business performance. We combined the safety performance data of more than 500 frontline employees with their individual results for a Predikt-r online assessment. Our scientific algorithms then ranked staff according to risk.

Staff that Predikt-r identified as ‘high risk’ were almost twice as likely to be injured and 1.4 times more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. They were shown to be less able to understand written safety information and make accurate decisions.


Using Predikt-r to shortlist the right staff first (and avoid high-risk candidates) equates to concrete savings and ROI.

The company would also enjoy improved internal compliance (and lower re-training costs), with our findings showing people who scored lower on personal accountability and compliance focus were 1.7 and 1.4 times more likely (respectively) to fail internal compliance requirements.

Safety Performance by Predikt-r Safety MAP risk level:

Injury reductions equate to:


in savings after just one year of using Predikt-r’s safety solution


return on investment after one year; 215% ROI after 3 years


in savings over three years


additional savings generated through reduced motor vehicle accidents and insurance premiums