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Child Care Services



Over the last 12 months we have developed a strong partnership with Predikt-r. We welcome their collaborative approach to understanding our business and developing a solution that is customised to our sector. The initial proof of concept has demonstrated the significant impact the Predikt-r screening solution will have on our business. The quality of our educators and Centre Managers is a critical factor for our families and this solution will ensure we can identify the best candidates who will deliver outstanding services and performance.

Gary Carroll | CEO and Managing Director | G8 Education


Predikt-r and G8 Education have developed a strong partnership with a focus on data-led development and measurable business performance. Through this partnership Predikt-r developed a customised screening solution to examine the factors that influence key outcomes for Centre Managers. We examined the performance of over 350 existing Centre Managers in addition to their results on our customised screening solution.

Our findings clearly demonstrated the importance of screening employees on key factors related to numerical understanding, leadership style and emotional resilience. Higher performing individuals (those who scored above our overall benchmark) consistently outperformed those scoring below the benchmark on a range of key balanced scorecard metrics including:

  • centre occupancy,

  • performance against national quality standards,

  • % revenue against budget,

  • compliance with training requirements,

  • safety performance

  • ¬†overall balanced scorecard results

  • team member turnover.


Using the Predikt-r solution to shortlist potential Centre Managers demonstrates significant cost saving and ROI.


Per annum financial return based on conservative 2% centre occupancy uplift per centre.

Additional (uncalculated) savings can be achieved through increased performance against National Quality Standards and reduction in employee turnover.


centre occupancy uplift per centre