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Better candidate shortlisting for the new era

Unlike Covid-19, some things can be predicted. When the time comes to fill your next vacancy, it’s likely you’ll attract an unprecedented volume of job applications as a result of the current downturn.

Predikt-r was specifically built to help business deal with bulk recruitment and employment screening to save time and costs, and to build your best team faster.

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  • Time

    20 minute av. test completion time

  • Single score

    Single score ranking for instant and objective shortlisting

  • Shortlist

    Shortlist in days, not weeks – more time for candidate care

  • Assessment

    Every 7 minutes another candidate starts a Predikt-r assessment

Case Study

Brisbane warehouse   |   1,300 applicants   |   April 2020

Unprecedented number of applications. In-house recruiter used Predikt-r to shortlist 1,300 applicants.

Day 1

(16 April 2020) Job ad on Seek.com.au

Day 2

(within 24 hours) 30,000 views of the job ad and 1,300 applications received

Day 3

Issued Predikt-r skills assessment to all 1,300 candidates. 429 assessments completed same day

Day 5

597 assessments completed

Day 6

653 assessments completed

Day 7

713 assessments completed

Within 7 days of posting the job ad:

  • Shortlisted applicants based on Predikt-r assessment
  • Proceeded to phone interviews
  • Invited shortlisted applicants to a paid trial in the warehouse
  • Issued WHS eLearning training, for mandatory completion prior to attending site.
  • Fully managed in-house
  • Shortlist in 7 days - enabled more time for candidate care.

10 positions offered within 12 days compared to 42!

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Over the last 12 months, we have developed a strong partnership with Predikt-r. We welcome their collaborative approach to understanding our business and developing a solution that is customised to our sector. The initial proof of concept has demonstrated the significant impact the Predikt-r screening solution will have on our business. The quality of our educators and centre managers is a critical factor for our families and this solution will ensure we can identify the best candidates who will deliver outstanding services and performance.

Gary Carroll | CEO and Managing Director | G8 Education