A recruitment tool like no other, Predikt-r uses data science to reliably predict each job candidate’s on-the-job performance – saving time, reducing risks and boosting business results.

Using an online questionnaire to screen candidates upfront, Predikt-r provides instant and automatic shortlisting. Employers can move straight on to interviewing the people they already know will fit best in the workplace.

As qualified psychologists and business performance specialists, we’ve experienced the notorious problems of ‘old school’ shortlisting. We knew there had to be a better way: so we created it.

Here’s a snapshot of what Predikt-r can do for you.

Radically streamline the shortlisting process

It’s time to bypass the tedious shortlisting bottleneck. Predikt-r is built to filter candidates upfront, before the recruiter even picks up a CV.  Its effective, targeted, automatic shortlisting in real time.

Talent screening technology you can trust

Our assessment measures traits and competencies directly related to the advertised role – then unique algorithms forecast individual on-the-job performance. The platform has been exhaustively tested and we have validated case studies to prove the benefits – especially for high-volume hiring.

No more awkward interviews with the wrong people

As a blended solution, Predikt-r doesn’t rely on one input (or trait type): we combine multiple measures, such as mindset, ability and preference for robust predictions and rigorous validity. It instantly flags top contenders and filters out unsuitable ones – so you can invest your time engaging only the top candidates.

Prove the results in the boardroom

Our clients enjoy immediate and significant benefits, with time and costs slashed from the recruitment process. Improved job matching then flows to measurable results over time: like more productive employees, lower turnover, less workplace injuries and ROI.

Easy and affordable to set up and use

Our platform is designed to be ridiculously simple and intuitive to use – for both employers and candidates. At a fraction of the traditional psychometric assessment market, it can all be up and running in hours.

Predikt-r is our passion project and we love helping businesses drive performance through their people. If you’re ready to make the move to faster, smarter shortlisting (and a safer, high-performing culture) we’d love to talk about how Predikt-r can help.