Powerful foundations

It’s evidence-based employment screening in an instant: and it’s built on rock-solid foundations.

Robust research

Decades of research shows the direct relationship between personality, cognitive ability and work performance. We use well-established studies and validated industry research to pinpoint the traits that determine specific job performance.

The most effective selection practices

The higher the bar, the stronger the predictive relationship between candidate scores and job performance. As illustrated below, a blended solution that incorporates an assessment of both ability and personality shows the strongest relationship in predicting job performance.

Sources: Schmidt & Hunter, 1998; Schmidt, Oh, & Shaffer, 2016; Judge et al., 2013

World-class infrastructure

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), our infrastructure is renowned for reliability and scalability to manage high-volume candidate pools.


Powered by AWS Could Computing


All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centres in Sydney, Australia, with robust privacy safeguards.


Monitored 24×7 for stability, intrusions and spam, plus end-to-end physical, operational and software security measures.


Monthly uptime of at least 99.99%

Back up

Data backed up every day and retained for the last seven days.

Engaging assessment

Engaging assessment

Our online assessments probe each role-relevant trait that influences performance and risk. For the candidate, it’s fast, simple, mobile friendly and entertaining. In the background, it captures priceless information to accurately forecast their effectiveness on-the-job.

Breakthrough solution

Breakthrough solution

We developed and exhaustively tested a model to assess these traits. It had to be real-world relevant, easy to use, and mobile and laptop friendly. We combine test development expertise, machine learning algorithms and predictive modelling. The result? Highly accurate predictions in real time.

Precise predictions

Precise predictions

Our unique algorithms automatically translate this data into scores and candidate rankings. As a blended solution, Predikt-r doesn’t rely on one input (or one trait type): we combine multiple measures, such as mindset, ability and preference for robust predictions and rigorous validity.