From candidate to customer: how shortlisting drives sales

Don’t underestimate the power of job applicants, as research proves their experience can radically impact your company’s reputation and revenue. The IBM® Smarter Workforce Institute explored the candidate experience of more than 7,000 recent job applicants – and the results were a wake-up call. While employers generally “like” to provide a positive candidate experience, its importance goes well beyond feel-good intentions. In IBM’s white paper titled The far-reaching impact of candidate experience, candidate experience is proven to have a measurable effect on job offer acceptance, sales, advocacy and reputation. The numbers are eye-opening: Job acceptance: Candidates satisfied with their experiences are 38% more likely...

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No experience necessary

Increasingly, mine operators are employing inexperienced ‘cleanskins’ to address skill shortages and drive diversity. But how can employers better manage the inherent risks? The mining sector has found a smart way...

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