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Predikt-r uses data science to assess and rank job candidates up-front. Radically streamline your shortlisting process, eliminate hiring headaches and reap rewards you can measure.

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A short online questionnaire screens candidates as the first step, before you even look at a CV. No more paperwork piles, wasted interviews and ‘bad hires’. Our validated, role-based assessments accurately predict job performance, so you get a head-start on building your best team.

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Grounded in research, psychology, data science and predictive analysis

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Affordble simplicity by pioneering Australian psychologists who work with businesses daily

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Over the last 12 months, we have developed a strong partnership with Predikt-r.  We welcome their collaborative approach to understanding our business and developing a solution that is customised to our sector. The initial proof of concept has demonstrated the significant impact the Predikt-r screening solution will have on our business.  The quality of our educators and centre managers is a critical factor for our families and this solution will ensure we can identify the best candidates who will deliver outstanding services and performance.

Gary Carroll | CEO and Managing Director | G8 Education